4Life obtains Halal Certification from IFANCA



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Sijil Halal : semua produk di Malaysia di luluskan degan sijil Halal

4Life has obtained the Halal certification for the Transfer factor products for sale in Malaysia and Singapore, and the region from IFANCA (Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America).

The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) had recognised the IFANCA certificate (Utusan Online (2004)).

The Malaysian & Singapore Forlife management have stated that all 4life products that are imported into these two countries would be certified Halal.

View Halal Certificates:(Feb 2009)

Transfer factor Tri-factor formula & Chewable (Advanced formula) | Transfer factor Plus | Rio Vida | CV | Glucoach | Targeted VitaminMineralComplex |


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Note: The company is committed and update the certificates as its due dates come up.


Click here to see the certificate in PDF file TF Advanced Formula, TF Chewables (2004).

Click here to see the certificate for TF Plus, TF Classic (2005)

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