To our Regular clients & faithful users of 4Life Transfer factor products

Special Promotional packages available (exclusive for autoship only)
Available for Distributors or Preferred Customers Malaysia only (Singapore customers packages here)
From November 2008

  1. Free Shipping
  2. Further discounted prices
  3. Sign up with credit card autoship required

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Announcing to our regular purchasers of 4Life Transfer Factor products further good news. 

Whether you are a distributor and Preferred Customer, you can now receive further price discounts for your favorite products. 

To receive this further price advantage, you will need to sign up on our Autoship program.

Autoship means that you undertake to have the products on a monthly basis.  Its like a subscription.  You put a "standing instruction" to have your selected product sent to you on a certain day of the month (usually at the third week of the month). 

You authorise the company to charge your credit card. 

Naturally, you can cancel at any time by informing us; or put on hold any particular month.

Important Notes for the customer:

  1. You must sign up as a Preferred customer first.  You can make a regular order now. Sign up here.
  2. The autoship package can only run on the NEXT month.  i.e. you pay the full regular prices (not autoship package price) of any product this month; AND must submit the autoship form this month. The autoship prices will be applicable next month. You need to fill in a Autoship form and choose the products.


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