Order Your 4Life Transfer Factor Products easily via SMS

Available for Registered Preferred Customers only.
(Malaysia, Singapore only)

mobile phone sms
Quick Order by SMS


You can place your order for 4Life Products by sending us an SMS from your mobile phone.




  1. You need to Register as a Preferred Customer first. Its FREE. Register here.
  2. Send an SMS to us to tell us what product you wish to order and the Quantity.
  3. We will respond and give you confirmation of the order


  1. You make payment by your choice - Direct deposit into our bank account OR credit card payment (Gold clients only)
  2. Normally if we receive your order before 1 pm, we can send out the product within the same day. If not, your products will go out the next working day.

Mobile phone message

You can quickly re-order your products via your mobile phone.

SMS Order Line:

SMS +60163320857






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