Getting 4Life Transfer Factor in Cambodia

Distributors and Leaders Wanted. Be the one to Take Transfer Factor to Cambodia


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When will the company open in Cambodia?

A: We do not have the information yet.


Q: I would like to join as a leader. How do I go about it? Is the Marketing plan the same in my country?

A: There is a group of people using Transfer factors in Cambodia. You may link with them and get the products.

As the company has not set up in Cambodia yet, you can use a Singapore address (eg a friend's or ours) and sign up that way. In which case the marketing plan would be the same as the rest of the world Singapore/Malaysia / USA etc.

That way, you can begin to use the products, and share them with a few friends; as a starting point.


Q: What is the system? Give a simple description?

A: The system is MLM - Multi Level Marketing, or sometimes called Network Marketing. (New to MLM? See 'Why The Network Marketing Business Will Continue To Grow' by Best selling Author Robert Kiyosaki here.)

You order through the network leaders in the country.


Commissions : You get paid by 4Life for the efforts you make in sharing (selling) the products to customers. Payments is in the local currency directly into your bank account.


Q: How do I get my products?

A:Products are available from our network leaders.


Q: How much is the sign up amount?

A: Currently in the pre-launch market, it is FREE to be a distributor and get involved.


Q: What happens to my distributor account when the company formally opens?

A: Your distributorship continues. You id number is retained. You and your downline team (if you had sponsored any) will be shifted under the 4Life Cambodia management.


Q5: What forms are used?

A: Downloadable forms: Bank Payment authorization. , Singapore DAA (for use in pre-launch only), Pre- launch International Enrollement. Send them to We suggest you SIGN UP ONLINE - fill in the online version here and send the paper versions by email.


Q: What can I do after signing up?

A: You can use the products at distributor's price. You can introduce (i.e. enroll or sponsor) others in Cambodia to sign up too.

You can also sign up people in any part of the world where there is a 4Life office (eg USA, Australia, NZ, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Philippines, Mexico, Malaysia, Spain, Taiwan) or where there is a delivery system - eg. European Union, Pueto Rico, Russia etc. This means that your account can IMMEDIATELY sign up others, eg. your family or friends in those other countries, and all their sales/purchases count towards your qualifications and bonus commissions! This is a truly seamless plan.


Q: Whats the next step for me now?

A: Sign up as a Leader online, we will contact you. Sign up On-line Now




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