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4Life 生命之河果汁 Rio Vida Hong Kong


傳輸因子基礎型膠囊 -Transfer factor (with tri factor formula) Hong kong china


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4Life HK opening

Official opening 19 July 2008

More Photos from HK Opening | China


Opening Ceremony in Hong Kong


4Life marketing Plan (in Mandarin)

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Update 13th Feb 2009

The Hong Kong office was officially opened on 19th July 2008, i.e about 7 months ago.  The product remains highly accepted and acknowledged as something wonderful and which has high credibility and strong endorsements from Doctors, nurses, other medical professionals (see Doctors opinions) and customers alike.

However, the HK and neighbouring China markets has generally a poor impression with many companies that market product via the MLM method. Unscrupulous methods have tainted the perception of people, and left them feeling unhappy.

4Life is erroneously grouped together with the rest of the companies which use unscrupulous methods, since they do not know how to distinguish one from the other. 

This is a terrible mistake that people are making. 

The product can, and has genuinely helped many people from suffering.  It will continue to do so.  Lives will be saved from cancer, diabetes and general poor health.  We hope you, who are with us will continue to share and market the benefits of Transfer factor.  It will prevail.  We believe that Transfer factor will be a household word within 5 years. 

For you who have joined us to share and promote this to your friends and the market in general will reap huge rewards.  4Life is now 10 years old (in the USA) and has prevailed and will continue for decades to come.


Transfer factor Products now available in China

Transfer factor products (Transfer factor Advanced formula tri factor, Transfer Factor Plus, Rio Vida juice drink, Transfer factor Chewable, as well as Transfer factor toothpast, and Enummi lotion) are now available for sale in China.

How to order and make payment.

Contact our Hong Kong Distributors or you can order Transfer factor online through the Internet.  There is no joining fee.  Provide your contact details.  Payment is made by credit card - Visa, Master or American Express.

Safe delivery - Products are sent by China Post and tracked by 4Life.

Products  are sent via China Post to your personal home address or your office as you choose.  All product delivery is guaranteed by 4Life Hong Kong. You can be certain - the products will arrive safely. 

If not, the company will track where the parcel went, and if the product are lost, the company will replace them at no cost to you.

Meetings in Hong Kong.

Every Wed - OPP meetings (in Cantonese usually, unless specifically requested)
7.30 pm~ 9pm

First Wed of the month - Fun day: Talk on products and refreshments

First Sat - NDO (New Distributor Training).

Last Sunday of the month: English OPP.

Staff meeting: Tuesday 10.30 am

Special Function:

March 22nd 09.: One day HK tour for HK$100 ($110 for non members).  Includes visit to 3 places and lunch.  Then to 4Life office for presentation.
Reason:  people love to eat and visit; and may be adverse to just coming to OPP meetings.  This is a first-time event to attract people to visit 4Life office and hear about our products and opportunity.


From Feb till end of May 2009: 

Power pool addition: Qualify at 1500 LP for 1st month: receive 500LP of product
Qualify 1500 LP for 2nd month - receive HK$500.
Qualify 1500 LP for 3rd month - receive HK$1000.

Qualify for Presidential Diamond at only 7500 LP in the 3 level volume (instead of the usual 10,000LP); and ID at 10,000 LPs (usual is 20,000LP).  Other conditions still apply - eg. for PD require to have 2 Qualified diamonds/8 enrollees at 100LP etc.


Archived News





Q. When will the company open in Hong Kong?

A: The Hong Kong office is operational now in May 2008. The official opening is scheduled for 19th July. See Photos here.(照片)


Q: I would like to join as a leader. How do I go about it? Is the Marketing plan the same in my country?

A: Please contact us or your introducers to join.

Q: What are the main unique products?

A: These are the Transfer factor range that will be available in Hong Kong and China: Transfer factor tri-factor, Transfer factor Plus, and Rio Vida.

Flagship Transfer factor products for newly launched Market;
(See the complete range here)

Q: What is the system? Give a simple description?

A: The system is MLM. There will be two systems in place in Hong Kong and China. Hong Kong residents will operate their business as Independent distributors and China Purchasers will be referred to as Mail Order Preferred Club Member. The latter will purchase through the internet. Products are mailed from the Hong Kong office.

As a distributor you can enroll - ie sign up people in any part of the world where there is a 4Life office (eg USA, Australia, NZ, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Mexico, Malaysia, Taiwan) or where there is a delivery system - eg. European Union, Pueto Rico, Russia etc. This means that your account can IMMEDIATELY sign up others, eg. your family or friends in those other countries, and all their sales/purchases count towards your qualifications and bonus commissions! This is a truly seamless plan.



Marketing Plan



LEADERS AND NEW DISTRIBUTORS WANTED: ENQUIRIES WELCOMED: Click here to contact us by email (please include your phone number), or SMS +6016-3320857, Skype: ekyeap. No Obligation Discussions and evaluation. On-Line Sign up here.

END USERS (new PREFERRED CONSUMERS) are also welcomed. Become a Preferred Consumer and purchase products at WHOLESALE PRICES. No membership fees apply. No minimum orders. Enquiries and online purchase welcomed here, or SMS +6016-3320857, Skype: ekyeap,or Fax 603-6157 9367 (Malaysia).

TOP LEADERS WHO EARN US$25,000 ~ 75,000 PER YEAR OR MORE SPECIAL CONFERENCE CALL. We understand that you may have unique concerns while evaluating our opportunity. Contact us to arrange a conference call with us and our top ranking International Partners in Australia and USA. Contact us here, or call the above numbers.


  • Commissions up to 64%
  • Four cheques per month
  • Incentive Trips to world-class resorts!
  • International Recognition
  • World class Support


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