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Very Impressive growth!!  Not only the fastest listed Network Marketing Company, one of the fastest growing Privately held Corporations in the USA!!
INC. Magazines list of 500 fastest growing companies in Oct. 2003 in the USA
SANDY, UT (October 1, 2003) — Beginning Oct. 14th when the Inc. 500 hits the newsstands, one of the world’s most prestigious business publications will break the news: 4Life Research is one of America’s fastest growing companies!

The Inc. 500 ranks 4Life as the 15th fastest growing private company in America!*

David Lisonbee, 4Life Founder and CEO says, “This is a tremendous accomplishment, and congratulations goes to each and every one of our dedicated distributors who are doing such a great job of taking the Transfer Factor message of 4Life to the world.” Noting that this is the first time in nearly 20 years that a Network Marketing company has made it into the top 20 fastest growing companies, David remarks that “this makes a statement to the world that network marketing continues to be a strong business model and that 4Life has captured a prominent position as a leader in the industry.”

4Life is first Network Marketing company to be listed in the top 20 fastest growing since 1985.

Greg Martin, President of 4Life adds, “Although 4Life has had tremendous growth over the past 5 years, we are just beginning to enter our momentum phase. Our product line is unique and protected by patents for the next 16 years. Our distributors recognize what a tremendous advantage we have to take the 4Life products and message to the world. We expect accelerating growth for many years to come.”

Inc. reports 4Life 5-year sales growth is 6109%.

Bruce Redd, Chief Administrations Officer says, “This is a remarkable achievement to show this type of growth during a time when the economy has been struggling. It’s further proof that 4Life has the right products for consumers, the right business opportunity for distributors, the right management team, and the right leaders in the field.”

The Inc. 500 special issue will appear on newsstands October 14, 2003. Watch for Press Release for Media Distribution, Coming to You Soon!

* Companies listed must have had a minimum of $200,000 in sales in the base year of 1998 and the 2002 sales had to exceed the 2001 sales. Inc. verifies all information using tax forms and financial statements from certified public accountants and by conducting interviews with company officials.


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