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The author and wife in the headquarters of 4Life Research in Utah,
USA, 2007
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Third Party Recognition

inc 500

Inc.500 rated 4Life® as the 15 th fastest growing companies in the USA in its October 2003 issue. No other MLM company has ranked this high.

4Life is a Member of the Direct Selling Association of USA

success from home

"Success From Home" Entire issue devoted to 4Life :Mar 2007

best co

Voted : Best Companies in Network marketing

With Dr Victor Tutelian

E.K & Peggy with Dr Victor Tutelian- eminent Russian
Scientist who carried out research on TF in Russia. Transfer factor is now accepted in Russian hospitals


Transfer factor is NOT a vitamin, NOT a herb, NOT a fruit, NOT a drug, NOT a hormone

4life 2006

Picure from our office - "Together, building People".


With David Lisonbee, CEO

E.K & Peggy with David Lisonbee, the CEO of 4Life in USA.
Our site is Top Ranked by Google, Yahoo and Bing

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Conference Calls from USA Team Leaders

Visting Corporate Staff, Medical Doctors, Top Field Achievers support your Business

Dr William Hennen - Cheif Scientific Officer of 4Life visited Malaysia, Singapore and Manila



Calvin McCausland, PhD visited Singapore & Malaysia. He has over-seen 10 clinical trials with Transfer Factor. In his 35 year career, his formulations has sold Billions of dollars.

Halal Certification has been obtained from IFANCA for products in Malaysia, Singapore and the region.

Buy products risk free. We back our products on a 100% money back guarantee.

Dr Benny Foo

Dr Benny Foo, International Diamond, provides strong unwavering upline support.

MBBS ( Melbourne), M App Sc (RMIT University)
FAMAC, Dip Orthomolecular Nutrition

Dr Foo is a medical (MBBS) doctor who has practiced for more than 43 years in Malaysia, Singapore and in Australia. He was also the President of the Australian Chinese Medical Association of Victoria, and is on the Course Advisory Committee in Chinese Medicine in RMIT University, Senior Lecturer & Course Director of Acupunture Foundation of Australia, Past President of Australian Medical Acupunture College.

Mike Akins

Mike Akins. MLM Legend, and rated Greatest Networker in the World. He chose 4Life after a US$500,000 study to select his final vehicle to crown his career. He is working with us to develop a $1million dollar leg.







Our principal company 4Life Research LLC has unique, patented products that no other company (MLM or conventional) have.The company was rated as the 15th fastest growing company in the USA, with a growth rate of 6,108%. The flagship products are the Transfer Factor™ range of products.



Flagship Transfer factor products for newly launched Indian Market;
(See the complete range here)

Transfer factors are health products in a class of its own. They ae biothechnological products which support and educates your immune system that no other product does. We mean that. In an independent study in the USA over 6 years, no other product raise the immune function as much as Transfer factor did. Details here.

And no product or natural substance educates the immune system, like Transfer factor does- which is how its name came about - the natural substance transfers immune information to your immune system.

It raises the immune function way above more than 200 other health products: Click on the graph to see the bigger version.

click to see larger pic

Imagine your immune system having prior information about germs, bacteria and viruses and is fore-warned.


Transfer factor has a history of more than 50 years of research and 3,500 clinical studies have been published. More than US$40 million have been spent on research and development.

Scientists and medical professionals from 60 countries study it. See the research materials here. Transfer factor is NOT a vitamin, NOT a herb, NOT a fruit, NOT a drug, NOT a hormone. Transfer factors are miracle molecules from Mother Nature. They are immune messenger molecules that transfer critical immune knowledge to the immune system. They are found in blood, colostrum and egg yolks.

These Transfer Factor (or "TF" for short) products include new targetted Transfer Factor products (eg Transfer Factor Cardio, Transfer Factor Recall etc), as well as broad range Transfer Factor Advanced Formula which combines TF from bovine colostrum and egg yolk.


Transfer Factors are reported to do three important things 1) it gives the body unpresecedented immune boosting to maintain good health, yet 2) it also modulates the immune function so that an over-active system which may lead to auto-immune problems can be appropriately suppressed and brought back to balance, and 3) Transfer Factor passes on immune intellegence and educates our immune system.

targetted TF group
"Targetted" Transfer factor products range

COMPANY PROFILE: 4Life Research LLC. was founded in 1998 by David Lisonbee and his wife Bianca, and has been growing rapidly and steadily. It is a member of the USA DSA (Direct Selling Association). 4Life has offices in USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan. More recently offices opened in Mexico, Korea, Singapore (Apr 04), Malaysia (Feb 05), Taiwan (May 05), Thailand and Philippines. The Hong Kong office serving also China will open in July 2008.

Here's What Medical Professionals say about Transfer Factor:
"I believe Transfer Factor™ is, without a doubt, the greatest discovery of the century in supporting and modulating the immune system. I believe a strengthened immune system will be the primary way to stay well in the future. This nutrient can affect the immune system like nothing else can. I sincerely believe everyone should consume this product."

Dr Rob

Rob Robertson, M.D

To Read More Professional Opinions of Medical Professionals from USA, Russia, Australia,etc here

INCOME OPPORTUNITY - the 4Life compensation plan pays out more than the top 30 MLM companies in America. It is the top paying plan. However, more importantly, the plan also rewards the average distributor helping him to break even or profit quickly and easily. At the same time it is designed to pay very deep for the committed and successful leaders, thereby able to attract, and keep good talents. Compensation encourages senior leaders to develop the next tier of leaders. This means more stability and support in your organisation. 4Life paid 20.1% more than the top 30 MLM companies in the USA (see comparison of audited accounts in 2001.)

The Power Pool allows distributors to have a SHARE IN THE COMPANY'S WORLD WIDE sales. Easy to qualify and pays on average from US$150 to a cap of US$1,000. This feature of the compensation plan has rocketted growth in the last 1 year. New Distributors can participate, and take a share in this from month one. This puts money in the pocket quickly. Naturally, the power pool is paid in addition to Rapid Rewards Bonuses and Generation (monthly) Bonuses.

We are appointed Director for Malaysia and Singapore of Professional Networkers of the USA.

Professional Networkers

We now have networks in several countries, and are developing the Asia Pacific region, especially Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Hong Kong.

We are the first Presidential Diamonds in SE Asia. Our team (GlobalSuccess) has produced many leaders, Diamonds and other Presidential Diamond. We are the regional Directors of Professional Networkers of the USA. Professional Networkers is under the leadership of Mike Akins who has a staff of 30+ consultants who support and train the field network and provide excellent support, consultation, conference calls and forum board.

We are working directly with Mike Akins who is rated as the Greatest Networker in the World, and the Professional Networkers team has been called the "Charles Schwab of the Industry". Mike has 37 years of successful experience. He is personally working with us and our team to build a One Million dollar leg.

What others say about E.K & Peggy

Mike Akins
Mike Akins

I have been successfully involved in network marketing for 39 years. I have mentored many leaders throughout the world. Seldom have I known individuals as capable leaders as EK and Peggy Yeap. Not only do they have the skills but they have the heart to go with the talent. I have worked with the Yeaps personally and highly recommend them as individuals that  you can trust to work side by side until you achieve your ultimate success.  Mike Akins


He financed a US$500,000 study of the MLM industry to pick the top choice company to work with, when he decided to come out of semi-retirement. He chose 4Life.

Your Opportunity

Opportunity to succeed will invariably involve hard work. When we say this, we acknowledge all other "past hard work" of yours, which would have shaped and contributed to your character, skills, reputation and resources etc. However, timing is vital and this is where your participation at this time will be important. The products and plan are ahead of its time but belong to the present. They need to be told and shared. You have an opportunity to do that.

We invite you to read through the site and evaluate its content. If you feel you would like to know more, please revert to us to brain-storm and discuss your needs and questions.

Thank you for considering Transfer Factor and our Opportunity.

Best regards

E.K Yeap and Peggy Lee

Presidential Diamond



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Archived News:

Update: 8 Nov 2008

The full MLM model has finally been launched. You do not need to be a wholesaler (B2B model) nor do you need to have a business licence to now be a 4Life distributor. Act Now and contact us for full details about our itinerary in India from from the 15th through the 28th November 2008.

In the past you need to have a business license or a shop license in order to operate the 4Life opportunity in India.  Now you can do so as a personal individual.


The above information has not been evaluated by the FDA or by our company or other regulatory body. We do not claim that our products directly prevent, or cure any disease. We do not suggest that anyone should replace traditional medical treatment with our products. Our company's products are promoted for their ability to enhance the effectiveness of our natural immune system functions. On this website you will be exposed to many testimonies and nutritional ideas. We encourage you to use common sense and prudence in evaluating testimonies, research, and the opinions of individuals. Testimonies can be based on "placebo effects," which basically means that you can experience temporary results just because you really believe you will get better. “Placebo” results generally fade a way after a short period. Keep in mind that some of these statements and testimonies come from distributors of these products and may have a conflict of interest. The accuracy of each testimony has not been verified.

Research can be complicated to translate into real life situations. The positive results achieved in the short term through in vitro and in vivo studies do not take into account long-term side effects, which could be positive or negative. There are herbs and nutrients that can be harmful if consumed in large dosages such as vitamin A. When consuming nutrients with medical drugs you should check with a pharmacist for possible drug interaction problems. Occasionally we have medical doctors visit our board and share their opinions and experiences. Although, we believe these medical professionals are sincere, keep in mind that even medical doctors may disagree on certain subjects. It is our desire to expose you to many different ideas for your consideration. Our focus is on supporting the immune system, which can assist your body in staying healthy. The testimonies and information on this website only represent the opinions of the individuals involved. We encourage you to use common sense in your expectations in consuming any nutritional product.

The immune system is one of our defenses against disease. The immune system is the body’s actual agent involved in healing or recovering from an illness. There are nutrients that we believe can support proper immune functions. It is not our intent to indicate that nutrition can always cause the immune system to prevent all illness or any particular illness. Nor, is it our intent to indicate that nutrition can always cause the immune system to heal us when we are ill. However, we do believe that research indicates nutrition is important for a healthy and responsive immune system. There is an abundance of research taking place throughout the world on nutrition and its effect on our health. There is a great deal of conflicting opinions and research. We live in an exciting time and many of us want to benefit from all of the breakthrough research going on. At the same time we want to be wise in our approach to healthcare. On this website we attempt to provide educational information through studies, opinions and testimonies that will provide you with a variety of perspectives for you consideration. We do not necessarily endorse any particular perspective.