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Hello Everyone,

I am a graduate in Bach of IT from De Montfort University and also a Post Diploma Graduate in Business Engineering from University of Warwick. I started my career in the Insurance industry and throughout my career I have been in Banking, legal, Hotel and now in the Entertainment industry.

I enjoyed meeting people and during my trouble shooting, I usually chat with my users on matters relating to health, pregnancy, children now that I am a father of 2 beautiful kids and I spend my free time doing a lot of readings about children’s milestones and development.

Here’s my story;

My daughter was born premature and used to suffer from Bronchiolitis whenever she caught the flu bug from our son who was just starting his kindergarten. These episodes usually occurred every 6-8 months and she would be admitted for a week in the hospital. The nurses would put her on the nebuliser. I was also warned by our Paediatrician that these episodes if too rampant might turn into Asthma later.

I was then introduced to 4Life Transfer Factor Advanced Formula. I had not heard about it but was willing to try on my daughter rather than to see her suffer; battling with the nurses when they put on the nebuliser and the series of medication she needs to force through each time she is down with flu.

Three bottles of 4Life Transfer Factor Advanced Formula later, I found that these episodes were getting lesser. Her immunity was improving and she no longer caught the flu bugs easily from her brother. I then decided to start our son with Transfer factor as well. As parents we need to be healthy too, to take care of the younger ones and so my wife and I had started taking Transfer factor too.

That was one and a half year ago and we can see the difference in our lives. We are able to go on our weekend get-away or healthy activities in the park rather than staying indoors. Our kids are able to mix around with other children without catching the flu bug easily. And even if we do catch it once in a while we were able to recover quickly. It started as a supplement for the family but after we had experience how Transfer Factor had helped us, I met up with Mr EK Yeap who explained in detailed about Transfer Factor. I joined 4LIFE and I am now sharing this with our friends and families the importance of health prevention. As the saying goes,

J. Wong




James Wong

James Wong

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