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Customers in Philippines can Buy Directly on line.
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Buy Transfer Factor Now: On-line Directly from 4Life office (Secured server)

Secured Ordering online

Product with prices
  1. Select your country (right corner)
  2. Then click 'ENROLL'.
  4. Click continue and fill out PERSONAL and SHIPPING INFORMATION including choosing a password. An email address is required.
  5. Click continue to order the 'Compass Kit' (if enrolling as a Distributor) or proceed directly to product ordering if they wish to be a 'PREFERRED CUSTOMER' (no Compass kit required).
  6. Proceed to 'CHECK OUT' using credit card details.
    (You will be given your own CUSTOMER ID# or DISTRIBUTOR ID# for all future purchases.)

How to Order More Products from the USA,
Targeted TF, Weight Management, General Health etc

Besides the usual products available in Philippines, you can also order other 4Life products from the USA. 

Besides the usual products available in Philippines, you can also order other 4Life products from the USA. Examples are: Tf Recall, TF KBU, Weight management Products such as ChitoLite, Carb BLX, Shape-Fast Ultra, NutraStart , Energy Go stix, and General Health products like RiteStart (Men, Women), Super Detox Formula, Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics with EnzyGuard-D, Flex4Life, Fibro AMJ, Bountiful Harvest etc.


Please follow these steps:

i) Go to http://buyonline.my4life.com
ii) Select your country (Philippines NFR) on the right hand corner of the site.
iii) Click on 'Buy Products'
iv) Select from Transfer factor, Weight Management, General Health etc.
v) Payment can be made by credit card on the secured server.

How to be a Distributor & What's The Opportunity from the business?
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GlobalSuccess Team - Wins 4Life Philippines Got Talent May 2013 |

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Jan 2010 :

Video instruction: Step by step instructions to order online by 4Life secured servers.

June 2009

Purchase 4Life Transfer factor range of products in Philippines as a Preferred customer - for the lowest prices. You can make payment by Credit card.

Archived news:

December 2006

Check out the Amazing Promotions Now. Featuring Male Pro, Belle vie, TF Recall etc.

Click here.

November 2006

See Halloween fun event.

July 2006

Presidential Diamond, Peggy Lee will be in Philippines till 27th July sharing about the Transfer Factor products and the Opportunity. And supporting the customers and distributors. about Peggy.

She will also be in Angono, Pampanga, Lucena, Batangas.

Her cell phone during this period: 09213916210


April – May 2006  Promotions

Sponsoring + Volume Raffle Promo

If you bring in 1 leader 4life

The enroller and the new distributor gets 1 raffle ticket each

If you bring in a 1 diamond 4life,  

The Enroller and the new distributor gets 4 raffle tickets each


loyalty card

Loyalty Card Program

( For Existing Distributors and Succeeding orders for new distributors)


Every purchase of 100 LP gets a stamp


 3rd stamp = receive 1 4life hat and 1 raffle ticket

6th stamp = receive 1 4life umbrella and 2 raffle tickets

10th stamp = receive 1 4life sport shirt and 3 raffle tickets


(succeeding cards will get more tickets

4/5/6 raffle tickets for the 3rd/6th /10th stamp)


Raffle Prizes

1 First Prize Winner of A Desktop Computer

2 Second Prize Winners of Video Cameras

3 Third Prize Winners of Digital Cameras

10 Consolation Prize Winners of Digital Memo Recorder



Diamond 4Life Reinstatement Promo EXTENDED !!!

Good news! You can avail of the  Diamond 4Life Fast Start Program

all over again!!!

If you signed up using the DIAMOND 4LIFE promotion in 2005 up to the present,  you have a chance to be reinstated into the FAST START PROGRAM and get paid as a Diamond by simply purchasing 1 pack of Transfer Factor Riovida & 1 bottle of Transfer Factor Plus Advanced which can also fulfill your 100 LP requirement for the month of APRIL 2006

Grab this chance to earn more from your 4Life Business!


The 4Life office in the Philippines is the 10th office opened in the 4Life world. In Asia, this comes after Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan. To purchase products or to join our marketing team, please contact us and we will assist you..

* Office updates

7/1/2006 - New Distributors Orientation in Manila.

We will be in the Philippines sharing the Products and Opportunity from 18 Nov 2005. We will be staying in Makati and having presentations daily.

We are extending our stay : We will be in Philippines till end of December 2005.

Our cell phone during this period: 09213916210

We were in the Philippines sharing our experiences with the Transfer Factor products & Opportunity from 27th  September till 4th October 2005

Dr. Bill Hennen

Chief Scientific Officer

Steve Apple

VP International

Michael Seet

Regional Director

Meetings with 4Life Corporate staff (above) were held on 29th and 30th Sept. 

Also: Launch of Rio Vida